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APS4000 Avionics Power Standards Compliance Testing Software - Rexgear
APS4000 Avionics Power Standards Compliance Testing Software - Rexgear

APS4000 Avionics Power Standards Compliance Testing Software

In aircraft and ships, there is always a conflict between the power supply system and the electric equipment. The electric equipment require an uninterrupted, transient-free, pure sine wave AC power supply and a pulsation-free, transient-free DC power supply. The power supply system, however, expects the electric equipment to have a constant load and no distortion of the voltage waveform due to load fluctuations. In fact, neither of them can reach idealized conditions, so some compromises are made. In this case, the aircraft power supply characteristics standards are established and continuously improved, defining the permissible limits for the output of the power supply system, and requiring the on-board electrical equipment to meet the corresponding design specifications within the accepted permissible power supply disturbance limits as well.

Model Options

Product Features

APS4000 aviation and ship regulations software can be used with ITECH IT7800/IT7900P high performance programmable AC/DC power supply to provide 5kVA-960kVA and 16Hz~2400Hz power supply output for electric equipment. The software has built-in mainstream military and commercial aircraft power supply characteristics standards, such as MIL-STD-704, DO160, A350, A380, GJB181B, HB20326 and MIL1399, etc., which can realistically reproduce a variety of AC and DC power supply systems in the aviation field, including DC 270Vdc, 28Vdc, single-phase AC 115V/400Hz, three-phase AC 115V/400Hz and wide frequency range 360Hz-800Hz.The APS4000 includes four models, the APS4000-ASTD, APS4000-B787&AMD, APS4000-AVALL and APS4000 1399, which can cover different applications. The user-friendly GUI of the software helps to quickly select test items and complete the test.

♦User-friendly GUI, easy to operate
♦Provide MIL-STD-704, DO160, A350, A380, GJB181B, HB20326, B787 and AMD regulatory standards
♦Provide MIL 1399 power supply adaptability test standard for marine electrical equipment
♦Provide single/three-phase output parameter setting and measurement interface
♦Flexibility to run all test items or specified number of test items
♦Automatic generation of test reports

Support Hardware

To accelerate the verification of power supply adaptability for electrical equipment on aircraft, ITECH presents you with the APS4000 aviation and ship regulations software. Equipped with the IT7800/IT7900P series high performance programmable AC/DC power supplies, it can help to achieve various DC and AC output waveforms as specified in aircraft power supply standards, such as harmonic distortion, non-normal voltage transients, etc. The APS4000 has a user-friendly GUI. It has built-in test items that correspond to the regulations, you only need to select the correct item number to start the correspondent test, which largely saves your time on editing and configuration.


GUI of APS4000

Install the optional software APS4000 and connect it to ITECH AC/DC power supply, you just need several simple procedures to complete various avionics tests.

1.Select the regulatory standard, such as MIL-STD 704.
2.Select the appropriate revision number, such as MIL704 RevF or RevE
3.Select the correct operating mode, DC or AC.
4.Select test serial number, such as HD101􀄑HD102...
5.Select running mode: Run all steps/ Run single step/Loop single step. 6.Click and start the test.

Test Items

Take MIL-STD 704 military aircraft test standard as an example, APS4000-ASTD provides 6 test versions from RevA~RevF. You can choose any one of them and configure the corresponding power supply voltage. For example, when you select the RevF version, multiple voltage options below will appear in the voltage column of the software.

Just select the type of output, such as SAC (Single Phase Constant Frequency 115Vac), the software will automatically switch to the test item number under the SAC power supply system, containing SAS101-SAC603. The APS4000 allows you to select the test sequence to be performed and click the Run button to make the test easier and save configuration time.