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IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear
IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear
IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear
IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear
IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear
IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear
IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear
IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1) - Rexgear

IT-M3600 Series Regenerative DC Power Supply and Load (2in1)

IT-M3600 regenerative power system integrates two instruments in one, which is a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative electronic load. When used as a load, its energy recovery function can convert the absorbed DC power into AC power and return it to the grid. When used as a power supply, it can also be used as a wide range bidirectional DC power supply. IT-M3600 combines the advantages of both instruments well, and its small size of only 1U half rack also help to save your space, time and cost. IT-M3600 with high-precision output and measurement, it is suitable for multiple test fields such as multi-module batteries, multi-channel power supplies, micro inverters, and semiconductor devices.

Model Options

IT-M3612 60V30A
IT-M3622 60V30A
IT-M3632 60V30A
IT-M3613 150V12A
IT-M3623 150V12A
IT-M3633 150V12A
IT-M3614 300V 6A
IT-M3624 300V 6A
IT-M3634 300V 6A
IT-M3615 600V3A
IT-M3625 600V3A
IT-M3635 600V3A


♦1U half rack, high power density
♦ One button switch between source and load
♦ Bidirectional energy flow between DUT and grid
♦ High efficient power regeneration
♦ Battery test
♦ Battery simulation
♦ 8 operating mode: CC/CV/CP/CR/CV+CC/CC+CR/CV+CR/CV+CC+CP+CR*1
♦ Independent control of multi-channels,implement synchronization or proportional tracking
♦ Parallel up to 16 units
♦ High-speed measurement, keep 10 times / s update rate even connecting 16 stand-alone units
♦ CC/CV priority
♦ PV inverter I-V curve simulation
♦ Adjustable output impedance
♦ Programmable voltage and current rise and fall time*2
♦ Temperature measurement function,over temperature protection
♦ List
♦ Various protection such as OCP / UCP / OVP / OTP / OPP / UVP, over heat protection, grid fault protection and fault storage, foldback, Power-off protection, sense abnormal protection
♦ Automatic detection of power grid state to realize reliable grid connection
♦ Precharge function to prevent overshoot of DC loading current
♦ Anti-reverse protection function through optional accessories
♦ Five optional cards, supporting RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_T-MC, USB_VCP, RS485, analog and IO communication
*1 Multiple operation modes is only implemented under load function
*2 Current rise and fall time can be set only under load function

Functions and Advantages

One button switch between source and load
IT-M3600 integrates two devices in a small size of 1U Half-rack, which not only be operated as a high performance bidirectional DC power supply; but also be operated as a regenerative e-load. Simulate various load characteristics and feedback power to grid without pollution, multi-functions in one. Users do not need to use software and any terminal equipment to switch operation mode, one button switching can greatly save time and space.

1U Half-rack
IT-M3600 is only 1U Half-rack, but the power output is up to 800W. Besides high power density, it also has high resolution, high accuracy and high stability, etc. The output voltage is up to 600V and the output current is up to 30A. All series containing 12 models with ultra-wide range output design, can be widely used in various Applications.

Seamless switching between source and load
Different from the traditional power supply and load, the switch between positive and negative current, it will have transient jumps and discontinuities. IT-M3600 integrate bidirectional power supply and regenerative load in one unit. When work under source mode, it supports high speed switch between source and sink mode, such seamless switch between positive and negative current is fast, continuous, and seamless, so as to avoid the current or voltage overshoot during the test. This can be widely used to various tests related to storage unit such as battery, battery packaging, battery protection board etc.

High energy regeneration efficiency
IT-M3600 series is regenerative when working in sink under source mode, also regenerative working under load mode. The max regeneration efficiency is up to 90%, which can save the cost for both electricity and cooling system, achieving low noise testing environment.

Multi-channel independent control,maximum 256 channels
IT-M3600 Series is provided with independent multi-channel design.The channel sequence will be displayed when it combines to be a multi-channel power and electronic load system.The user can control each unit independently by PC software when connecting the communication interface of one unit with PC. Each channel can be operated separately. IT-M3600 Series supports maximum 16*16 channels. One 37U rack case contains 64 channels. The user may test DUT with different power ranges by parallel connection, making tests more flexible and device usage more efficient.

Multiple Protection function
IT-M3600 series have comprehensive protection functions, it can also provide OCP, UCP, OVP, OTP, OPP, UCP and grid fault protection, fault storage function, power-off protection function and sense sensing abnormal protection. With unique foldback protection function designing, it is used to turn off the output as soon as the power supply is switched by CV/ CC for protect the DUT which are sensitive to voltage overshoot and current overshoot. As it can automatic detect of power grid status, the product will be shut down when the power grid is suddenly disconnected, which can achieve reliable grid connection and islanding protection. The pre-charging function can prevent the DC load current from overshooting. Users can choose the anti-reverse connection module to achieve the anti-reverse protection function and effectively suppress the battery surge.

Multiple operation modes
IT-M3600 provide CC/CV/CP/CR four basic operation modes based on power system mode. IT-M3600 also provide CC+CR/CV+CR/CV+CC/CC+CV+CP+CR four compound operation modes based on load mode, which can adapt to the test requirments of various occasions.

CC&CV priority
IT-M3600 series continue the notion of CC&CV priority, help user to solve several critical problems with long-term testing.It can make the test easier especially for the applications like hign speed power supply or no overshooting current. when need the testing occasions of voltage high speed, users can choose CV priority mode to get fast voltage rising time. Users can also choose CC priority mode to output no overshooting current,it's good for test DUT under CC working condition.This is used in various applications field such as laser test, IC test, charge and discharge test, transient simulation of power supply in automative electronics and so on.

Parallel function
IT-M3600 supports paralleling multiple units of same model to achieve higher current and power. Users may parallel units in master-slave operation according to different required current values. Up to 16 units can be in parallel. IT-M3600 can still have the same high-speed measurement capability as single unit after running in parallel with multiple units.