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IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear
IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator - Rexgear

IT7900 Series Regenerative Grid Simulator

The IT7900 series is a programmable, four-quadrant grid simulator. It is also a four-quadrant power amplifier, which can be used to test various grid-connected equipment. For example, PCS, energy storage system, microgrid, BOBC (V2X), PHiL, etc. With advanced SiC technolgoy, a single unit of IT7900 can realize the anti-islanding protection test through islanding mode(RLC settable). Besides, the power density of IT7900 series is very high, 6kVA in 1U, 15kVA in 3U. After parallel connection, the power can be extended to 960kVA at most. Rich operating modes meet various test requirement of single-phase, three-phase, reverse-phase and multi-channel. In reverse mode, the voltage can be extended to 200% of the rated voltage. The strong arbitrary waveform editing function can simulate various power grid disturbance waveforms, making it an ideal choice for testing and R&D laboratories.

Model Options


Highlighted Features

  • High power density, 6kVA in 1U/2U,15kVA in 3U,16Hz~150Hz
  • Regenerative grid simulator & full 4-Quadrant AC&DC power sources
  • Professional anti-islanding test mode, can set and simulate the RLC (resistive-inductive-capacitive), active and reactive power circuit for anti-islanding detection
  • AC, DC, AC+DC or DC+AC output capability
  • Supported regulatory testing include IEC61000-4-11/4-13/4-14/4-28 etc
  • Comprehensive working modes selectable: single-phase, three-phase, reversed phase and multi-channel
  • Programmable Output Impedance, allows simulation of Real-World Utility Grid Impedance
  • Compliance tests incl LVRT /Phase Jump/Frequency variation/Harmonic Injection
  • Supports CC/CV/CP modes
  • Power Amplifier function for PHiL applications 


  • Wide voltage ranges: 350V/700/1050 VL-N Options
  • Master-slave parallel with current sharing technology, up to 960kVA
  • Intuitive touch screen; Built-in single/3-phase AC power meter; Scope function
  • Fast response time and high accuracy 0.1%+0.2%FS
  • Waveforms Library : Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Clipped sine waves, Staircase wave, Self-defined waves
  • Harmonics and Interharmonics waveform synthesizer
  • Power line disturbance simulation testing by LIST programming/SWEE/Surge & Sag functions
  • The harmonic measurement function can measure 50th order harmonics of voltage and current
  • Output 0-360 ° start/stop phase angle can be set
  • Front panel USB port for data and waveform import and export
  • Provides various trigger input/output signals. When amplitude/frequency changes, trigger signals can be generated to synchronously capture the current waveform of DUTs
  • Relay CTRL function, to cut off the connection between instrument and DUT
  • Frequency lock and phase lock function, tracking the external signal frequency and phase, to achieve 6 phase & 12 phase power output
  • Built-in USB/CAN/LAN/Digital IO interface, optional GPIB
  • Analog & RS232
  • *500V stay tuned! *For more high power, please call for availability
  • Battery simulation function

Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Grid Simulator

The IT7900 series represent the newest generation of programmable, full four-quadrant grid simulators with full 100% of current rating in both source and sink mode, and provides energy recovery capability. The power generated by the DUT during the test can be easily fed back to the AC grid, rather than being dissipated as heat,which protects the environment and lowers the cost of operation.It can be applied to the applications in testing grid-tied products that inject energy into the grid, such as the frequency changes, voltage transients and DC injection of grid-tied/off-grid inverters testing.


Full 4-Quadrant Power Amplifier (PHIL) mode

The IT7900 series regenerative grid simulator can be used as a power amplifier to complete power hardware in the loop (PHIL) applications for microgrids, energy storage and new energy vehicles. The digital I/O or a standard suite of analog signal can be input via an external analog interface (optional) and then amplified without distortion to a real power waveshape with an external analog response time of less than 200us.

Anti-islanding Test Mode (RLC Simulation Mode)

To meet the certification test of anti-islanding effect for grid-tied products, the IT7900 series provide a professional anit-islanding test mode. Users can adjust RLC parameters or configure the parameters of active power and reactive power to achieve the effect of simulating purely resistive or nonlinear grid loads, and further verify the anti-islanding protection response time of grid-tied DUTs under different equivalent impedances, three-phase load balancing and non-balancing conditions.The solution helps engineers to simplify the test circuit and cost savings of additional equipment such as oscilloscopes and power meters.


Constant Current source mode

The IT7900 series has a current source mode. It can operate in various modes such as single-phase, reverse phase, AC and AC+DC. Its maximum voltage can reach 700V, which can meet various high voltage and high current applications. Meanwhile, the Normal and LIST functions can cope with various types of conventional and dynamic testing requirements. The rich waveform editing and customization functions can also help you simulate complex current waveforms. Current source mode can provide stable current output so that you can simulate various loads, such as laser drivers, LEDs, motors, etc. It can quickly do frequency sweep, charge/discharge, AC impedance and other related tests on various types of batteries. While improving test efficiency and accuracy, the IT7900 also optimizes the system design while ensuring safety.


High power density

The IT7900 series provides different compact structures from 1U/2U/3U stand-alone to 15U/27U/37U cabinets, which can meet testing needs from 2k to 165kVA. The 3U/15kVA model is only 1/12 the size of ordinary AC power supplies on the market, which greatly saves testing space. There is no need to deploy more cabinets or expand the laboratory, saving testing costs for you.


Master/Slave parallel, power up to 960kVA

IT7900 series can be master-slave paralleled to get higher current and power. Maximum 64 sets can be paralleled to reach 960kVA, the parallel is flexible and convenient. IT7900 comes with synchronous On/Off input and output signals, which ensure the synchronization of paralleling and ensures synchronous current sharing of multiple modules. After paralleling, all functions are retained and there’s no loss of accuracy, making the construction of the power system faster, more flexible, and more economical, either it is a stand-alone test or ATE system.

Application: Microgrid Testing

Microgrids can be seen as small power systems, but they are also a typical distributed generation system, so both equipment manufacturers and professional grid research laboratories need to establish simulation testing requirements. The IT7900 series not only meets the testing requirements of phase angle jump, low voltage ride-through, frequency variation and harmonic injection, but also feeds power back to the AC grid, meeting the microgrid testing requirements.


AC,DC,AC+DC,DC+AC working mode

IT7900 series can be used as a "full four-quadrant AC/DC power supply" and provides four output modes: AC, DC, AC+DC, and DC+AC. Not only provide pure AC/DC output, use AC+DC and DC+AC output modes to realize "AC output superimposed DC bias" and simulate "DC output waveform with ripple" to meet the complex application requirements of engineers. In DC mode, the rated power in 100% AC mode can be achieved.


Single-phase, three-phase, reverse phase, Split Phase, Multi-channel operation modes

IT7900 series has very flexible operation mode that single-phase, three-phase/ reverse phase /multi-channel output mode can be selected. Combined with the powerful programming function, it can simulate three-phase unbalance , phase loss and phase sequence reverse connection and so on. In the reverse phase mode, users can obtain a single-phase output voltage of up to 700V, and the power remains at 2/3 of the original. Multi-channel mode allows users to test 1-3 independent DUT at the same time. One device for multiple purposes, better equipment utilization, and reduces test costs for enterprises.


Built-in various type of distorted waveforms
(Power Line Disturbance (PLD) test)

In addition to sine waveform, IT7900 series provides various standard AC waveforms, such as triangular wave, sawtooth wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave and clipped sine wave. These waves can be easily recall from the menu and displayed in the LCD touch screen. Moreover, in combination with sequence programming function, users can realize multiple waveform continuous output, to cope with complex power line disturbance test.

Harmonic and inter-harmonic simulation

With high-speed DSP technology, IT7900 series is capable of simulating harmonic, inter-harmonic and harmonic synthesis. By setting the amplitude and phase, it can simulate up to 50th harmonics(fundamental frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz), creating a periodic distortion waveform. It also has built-in 30 types harmonic distortion waveforms for quick recall. Harmonic test is one of the important tests for EMC immunity, and single-phase harmonics, three-phase harmonics and three-phase harmonic unbalance output can be realized, also meet IEC regulations test requirements.


User-defined Arbitrary waveform function

IT7900 series provides user-defined waveform editing function that allows users to simulate the effects of real AC or DC power supply systems on DUT’s in different test environments by importing real waveform data into the device, it supports up to 1024 points of data import.