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AFC series AC Power Source/ Frequency Converter
AFC series AC Power Source/ Frequency Converter

AFC series AC Power Source/ Frequency Converter

AFC series is a general AC power supply which can simulate standard or abnormal voltage and frequency status. It is suitable for the Certified Bureau, the production and R&D of various industries including home appliances, electrical electronics, medical equipment and lighting.

Friendly UI and Hot Key Group

The new AFC series has updated with an enlarged touch screen that can make fine tune adjustment for parameters and changing values. With RS-232,RS-485 interface, AFC is able to be controlled remotely. The colorful display allows user to quickly recognize all the parameters including voltage, current and PF with 6 groups of hot key that can promptly switching at a glance.

Ideal Power Source for Various Industries

The AFC series AC power source is highly reliable and easy to operate, and it has been widely applied in production line, quality assurance and design verification. The multiple levels of frequency and wide range of output voltage is ideal for applications requiring voltage and frequency conversations. The unit can also be applied as isolation between DUT and the grid to reduce the interference from each side. These features make the AFC series ideal for home appliance, EMC chamber, motor and electronic industries.

Remote Control Interface with Multiple Protections

AFC series comes with 7'' intuitive touch screen that can quickly setup and output through RS-232 and RS-485 interface. The complete protection can monitor UVP/OVP, OCP, OTP and promptly react to stop the output and display warnings and error code. It can also be done with manual emergency stop button to secure users safety.

Complete Protections

The AFC series’ protection circuitry has fast response to detect error, alarm and shut down output if necessary. The protections include OVP, OCP, OPP, input OVP, OTP and short circuit. Each error has a corresponding error code to help diagnose the issues and shorten the repair time.

Application Example

For production line and laboratory of motor, compressor and appliance, the AFC series can simulate different countries’ voltage and frequency to help the users to verify DUT’s reliability under different input power. The AFC series can also sustain unbalanced load conditions, which means it can power up to three single phase DUT or one three phase DUT. It can also be used as a power supply with isolation feature for power conditioning purpose. The AFC series is a versatile unit that can be applied into many applications.