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RCT Series Battery Cell Test System - Rexgear
RCT Series Battery Cell Test System - Rexgear

RCT Series Battery Cell Test System

RCT-5V Series Battery Cell Test Solution integrates high precision regenerative technology with for 0~5V and bipolar -5V~5V battery cell charge and discharge testing requirements. The hardware includes anti-reverse connection protection and supports pulse testing capability. The software flexibility provides multi-channel charge and discharge monitoring and comparison graph. It is an ideal test solution for life testing and quality control of li-ion battery, lead-acid battery, Ni-Cd battery, NiMH battery and so on in production line or in lab.

Model Options

Product Features

➢ High reliability, low noise, high energy density, convenient for flexible use in the laboratory.
➢ Power regenerate to grid with direct current bus efficiency ≥70%: Saving electric power expenses and air-conditioner fees.
➢ CCCV charge: CC charge transfer to CV charge smoothly, without any impact, which can avoid the micro-shot circuit due to high temperature of peak current impact or to avoid PCB protection or second protection action caused by over-charging.
➢ Current and voltage sampling is of high stability and accuracy: this equipment applied 16bit bipolar ADC/DAC unit, to ensure voltage sampling high accuracy and long-term stability. 
➢ Support LAN interface remote control, integrate the temperature box and other equipment during the test, and save the relevant tests together to meet the battery test requirements
 ➢ Capacity calibration function: specify the discharge capacity of a step test as the benchmark for various cycle tests.
➢ Data statistics function: software including online data statistics and historical data statistics.
➢ Software customize and export Excel data content according to requirements

Safety Protection

➢ Fixture contact impedance monitoring to avoid unsafe problems caused by poor terminal contact or terminal oxidation.
➢ Dynamic load protection : protect the battery during charging and discharging, prevent the battery from sparking and effectively avoid the current shock caused by the loose connector, and effectively protect the electronic components of the battery from being damaged by the impulse current, such as MOSFET, FUSE.
➢ Voltage clamp protection: when battery does protect action through charging process, voltage clamp to pre-set voltage can protect battery or PCB from damage.
➢ ECD & EVD protection: it can avoid and select the battery that causes active protection and stops charging or discharging in advance due to unqualified conditions.



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